alpha 0.5.8 for Linux

0.5.8 is available for Linux which fixes a few important problems.

  1. codeclap wasn't able to handle executable memory regions that would not start at the beginning of the file, this would render the debugger unable to locate debugging information on certain Linux distributions.
  2. shortly before release the technology to execute code injected into the debuggee got put into a more central place. This worked fine in limited tests (especially in automated test) and also based on the platform. However especially on Windows this blew up pretty quickly. This build changes this behavior to not hijack the control flow of the debuggee (which was especially problematic near syscalls) and instead uses its own thread in the remote process.

So this build should work a lot better during actual usage. Unfortunately this has to be ported to every platform and I still consider the Windows and macOS build "kind of broken" at this point. However this should be fixed very soon.

Changelog for 00.05.08 

  • [Linux] Changed the stopping bahavior to be executed on the debugger thread
  • [Linux] Inject a debugger owned thread into the debuggee to execute code instead of hijacking debuggee threads (this will fix issues around syscalls and such)
  • [Linux] Improved reading mapped regions in memory to consider regions that don't start with an executable region
  • Fixed a segfault causes by trying to persist ondemand startups (sessions started from the terminal without any internal ID)
  • [DWARF] Fixed a bug that would relocate memory and invalidate a pointer when processing line sections
  • Fixed a bug that would print assembly lines at the end of a file twice


codeclap_0.5.8.tar.gz (old Linux x64) 2 MB
Nov 12, 2018

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